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Adaptation Scotland recently launched two projects – Climate Ready Places and also the Climate Ready Biosphere Vision and Action Plan, produced in conjunction with Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere.

Researchers in the Netherlands analysed ten innovative techniques in road infrastructure in order to develop an insight for policy makers and researchers on their potential impact for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Towards a Smart Energy City: mapping a path for Bristol

By Editor on 2nd December 2015
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Date and Time: 
Monday, December 14, 2015 - 14:00 to 17:00

Bristol, UK

The Centre for Sustainable Energy, which leads the Bristol Smart Energy City Collaboration, is holding a seminar to share the initial road map and proposed key next steps for 2016 towards Bristol’s ambitions to become the UK’s first smart energy city.

Urban Indicators for Sustainable Cities

By Editor on 25th November 2015
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Urban sustainability indicators are tools that allow planners, managers and policymakers to gauge the socio-economic and environmental impact of existing urban designs, infrastructures, policies, waste disposal systems, pollution and citizens’ access to services. They allow cities to monitor the success of sustainability interventions.

Two years on from the wettest winter on record, a new report identifies nine principles for communicating about flooding in a changing climate. It is a collaboration between Climate Outreach and Cardiff University, supported by the ESRC, the Climate Change Consortium of Wales and the Sustainable Places Research Institute. The findings of the report are the result of a workshop which brought together key voices on communicating flood risks including 27 climate scientists, social scientists, representatives from major NGOs and national policy-makers who have endorsed the report.

‘Projections of future flood risk in the UK’

By Robert Lyons on 4th November 2015
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This report considers projections of future flood risk for the UK. It finds that significant additional investment and adaptation action will be needed to counter the increase in UK flood risk projected under a 2°C rise in global mean temperatures. It also finds that even the most ambitious adaptation scenarios will not be able to avoid the large increase in UK flood risk implied by a 4°C rise in global temperatures.

Significant disparities exist between policy intentions and actual outcomes in the built environment. Energy policies and practices figure prominently in buildings and the built environment, yet evidence suggests policy formulation and implementation is often ineffective. A lack of feedback or feed-forward loops exist for improving the relationship between the making of policy and subsequent understanding of its intended (or unintended) consequences.

This resource provides a global reference guide to help cities save lives from traffic fatalities through improved street design and smart urban development. Over 1.2 million people die in traffic crashes globally, mostly pedestrians, and that number is growing every year. This hands-on guide aimed at planners and policy-makers takes examples from cities worldwide and includes 34 different design elements to improve safety and quality of life.

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 08:30 to 13:00

Central Belfast, Northern Ireland

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 17:00 to 20:30

London, UK