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New website- ‘Future Bristol: Low Carbon 2050’

By Bridget Elliott on 25th June 2013
Found in: Research and Resources

The City of Bristol has developed an online, interactive vision of what the city could look like in 2050. The website ‘Future Bristol: Low Carbon 2050’ presents two hypothetical scenarios, each featuring a different mix of low carbon measures, technology and infrastructure. The aim of the website is to prompt public discussion about how Bristol can become a low carbon city, and in particular, discover how the Bristol community feels about the two different scenarios (and the various low carbon features which make up each scenario).

As part of the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Behaviours Research Programme (CCBRP), guidance has recently been published on the ISM (Individual, Social, Material) Tool.  The ISM tool offers a practical way for policy-makers and practitioners to consider all of the contexts that influence people’s behaviours - Individual, Social and Material - and the various different factors within those three contexts.

Date and Time: 
Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 09:00 to Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 18:15

Worcester College, Oxford

Fabian Summer Conference- ‘Green Labour’

By Bridget Elliott on 25th June 2013
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Date and Time: 
Saturday, July 6, 2013 - 09:45 to 18:00

Royal College of Surgeons, London

Osprey Leisure Centre

By Bridget Elliott on 25th June 2013
Found in: Case Studies

Location: Portland, Dorset.

Aim: The installation of a 10kWp array of solar PV panels on the Osprey Leisure Centre in Portland.

Background: Osprey Leisure Centre is an ex-Navy building which was taken over by South Dorset Community Sports Trust in 2007 to provide recreation and sports facilities for the local community.

Fenham Swimming Pool

By Bridget Elliott on 25th June 2013
Found in: Case Studies

Location: Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne

Aim: Fenham Swimming Pool has installed a 53kW (76m2) flat plate solar thermal system to provide direct heating to the swimming pool.

Background: Fenham swimming facility had been closed by Newcastle council. A local charity called Fenham Swimming Project was formed and the pool was re-opened to the public.

Sport in Desford

By Bridget Elliott on 25th June 2013
Found in: Case Studies

Location: Desford is a village in the Hinckley and Bosworth district, 7 miles (11 km) west of the centre of Leicester.

Aim: The installation of a 23kWp solar PV array and other environmental measures as part of a wider refurbishment of a community sports centre.

Background: Sport in Desford (SiD) is a community-owned sports centre and charity set up to promote and provide sports facilities including bowls, tennis, football, recreational fitness and running.

YouGov on British climate change attitudes

By Bridget Elliott on 30th May 2013
Found in: Research and Resources

This article outlines the results of YouGov’s annual tracker of British attitudes to renewable energy, and highlights that there is stable and overwhelming consensus in the belief that the planet is warming and humans are either wholly or partly to blame. This is despite a decline since the onset of economic crisis in the number of those who are interested in the issue or attach high urgency to it. According to results, 72% of the British public described themselves as interested in the issue of “global warming and climate change” in 2008, compared to just 59% in 2012.

The CIRCLE-2 network has published a book of 22 case studies of implemented climate change adaptation measures.  CIRCLE-2 is a European Network of 34 institutions from 23 countries committed to funding research and sharing knowledge on climate adaptation and the promotion of long-term cooperation among national and regional climate change programmes. The book is designed to inspire science, policy and practice and it is hoped that it will assist in the branding of adaptation as a positive approach to facing climate change.