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Sustainable transport

By SDRN on 7th March 2007
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The first of SDRN’s new Research into Practice workstreams launched earlier this year with a focus on Sustainable Transport.

Transport is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions and it is recognised that a significant reduction will be required to reduce emissions to sustainable levels. There are also broader problems associated with transport which have social, environmental and economic impacts: non-carbon emissions, air quality, noise, congestion, social cohesion, community severance and accessibility to a full range of service for some sections of society.

Running for the three year duration of the third phase of SDRN, the Engineering and Sustainable Development workstream will consider how engineers and natural and social scientists can work together to put sustainable development into practice.

Spatial Planning & Development

By SDRN on 6th March 2007
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The Spatial Planning and Development workstream aims to integrate the experience of planning practitioners with the sustainable development research community, to explore the means by which research and practical experience can influence one another and in turn contribute to the more meaningful formulation and implementation of policy.

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - 16:15

Between early 2005 and December 2006 and in conjunction with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, SDRN held a high profile series of evening lectures. Under the title 'Sustainable Development and Quality of Life', the lectures were intended to introduce innovative and challenging thinking from current research to a wider policy audience.

Full Lecture Series Programme

15 February 2005: Citizenship and the Environment: Towards Sustainable Development

Professor Andrew Dobson, Open University

Business resource efficiency

By SDRN on 5th March 2007
Found in: Research and Resources

Improving business resource efficiency is a vital element of the UK’s sustainable development strategy. This workstream, which will begin in 2008, is designed to strengthen and develop SDRN’s outreach and influence, in particular the network’s engagement with implementing organisations. The work will contribute to a better understanding of the practical barriers to improving the whole life cycle environmental performance of goods, services and materials, including impacts outside the UK.

As part of the Environment and Social Justice review, a guide to experts in the field of environment and social justice was also produced. The Guide includes contact details, research interests and key publications for a number of academics, researchers and policy-makers.

Download the Environment and Social Justice Experts List (MONTH 200X)