Call for evidence: Decision-Making in the UK Transport System

By Robert Lyons on 14th November 2017

This evidence review is being undertaken by researchers from Cardiff University and University of West of England, Bristol. The review is commissioned by the Government Office of Science’s Foresight Programme on the Future of Mobility.

The evidence review will identify what current academic literature and government, third sector and business reports and polls state about public attitudes, decision-making and behaviour in relation to transport. This will include:

(a) Factors influencing transport users’ decision-making, including how these decision factors change over time and vary by different groups/regions;
(b) Transport users’ preferences for the transport system, including attitudes to transport policies, technologies (e.g., electric and autonomous vehicles) and modes (both shared and exclusive vehicle use) and perceptions of what is fixed in the transport system; how these perceptions vary by psychological, regional and socio-economic factors; and what influences these preferences (including interventions);
(c) Projected changes to 2040, including modes, technologies, and business models, and how these will impact transport preferences and choices (including sharing/Mobility as a Service).

The focus will be on UK research, but international comparisons and best practice will be included.

In addition to conducting bibliographic database searches and expert interviews, we are issuing this call for evidence to practitioners as well as academics in order to identify both academic and non-academic sources and elicit views about gaps in current knowledge. Any link, report or other source, whether published or not (yet) published, on the above topics will be considered. We are very grateful for any such sources and will be happy to share our findings with contributors.

Please submit evidence by Monday 20th November to Dr. Colin Whittle –