LOCATION: Brixton, London.

AIM: To promote local waste reduction, reuse and recycling; to develop skills of remaking and repair important for the creation of local green enterprises and sustainable employment.

BACKGROUND: Brixton Remade is part of Transition Town Brixton, a community group focused on developing low energy ways of living. Remade’s vision is of ‘a Brixton where there is no such thing as waste; every resource will be used to its full capacity and every discarded item will become raw material for something else. More things will be made to last, be shared or swapped, get reused over and over, get repaired when broken, and be designed for disassembly into different parts and materials that can be reclaimed or recycled. Wherever appropriate, resources will be reused/recycled/composted locally rather than remotely… and there will be no more throwaway people: everyone’s energy, skills and talents will be valued and used to the full’.

STATUS: Ongoing.


  • The Active Citizens programme: funded by the British Council, this programme included a series of workshops run from March to June 2011, bringing together people who are active in the local community, to network, gain skills and support for running successful projects, providing a framework to support the development of social action projects. Workshop themes included: know your neighbours; sharing stories; planning projects; going global; formalising and funding; and local connections (working together and working with Councils and the Big Society).
  • Examples of the range of projects funded through the Active Citizens programme include: the purchase of a bicycle trailer produced from reused materials by Cycooldelic Revolution to enable delivery of plants and materials to local growing projects; Animapping Brockwell Park – a participatory creative mapping project run at the Urban Green Fair, exploring the history and personal experiences embedded within Brockwell Park; building of a permaculture-based Low Maintenance Food Growing System with local residents; and the launch of the ‘Dig for Plenty’ project, researching the food growing knowledge of the older generations who remember ‘digging for victory’ during wartime.
  • The Remade Social: this is a series of creative, friendly workshops held every Saturday in the Transition Centre, including for example, DIY solar panel making, newspaper basket making, creative cardboard construction, green woodworking, kite making. The Remade Social is funded by the GLA and the Reuben Foundation as part of the Team London volunteering programme.
  • ‘The Remakery’ is a co-working space for local reuse and upcycling enterprises based in Brixtol. Through providing affordable workspace, access to material streams and distribution networks, and business development support, the Remakery aims to offer a springboard for new and growing enterprises creating products and opportunities from waste. The Remakery secured a 15-year lease on a 1000 sq m disused garage block near Loughborough Junction, and has been awarded £100,000 capital funding through Lambeth’s public voting project, ‘Your Choice’.  The workspace is currently being redeveloped, with a view to opening in summer 2012.

SOURCES: http://remadeinbrixton.wordpress.com/