Fintry Development Trust

By SDRN on 29th March 2012

LOCATION: Fintry, Stirlingshire, Scotland

AIM: To reduce energy use in the village of Fintry, ultimately making the village a zero-carbon, zero-waste community.

BACKGROUND: The community around Fintry is not on the mains gas supply, and many households are on high ground, exposed and with poor insulation, resulting in higher than average fuel bills. Fintry Development Trust grew out of the original aspirations of Fintry Renewable Energy Enterprise (FREE). FREE was set up in 2003 with the aim of making Fintry a carbon-neutral sustainable community, working with those engaged in planning a new local windfarm. A proposal was developed, in which revenue from a community-owned wind turbine at the windfarm would be used to fund energy-reduction measures within the village. The process of negotiation for the community wind turbine was concluded in February 2006, culminating in a legal agreement between FREE and the windfarm developers, Falck Renewables. Fintry Development Trust was born in 2007 as a result of efforts to secure charitable status for FREE; FREE became the commercial arm of the Trust.

STATUS: Ongoing.

ACTIVITIES: Fintry Development Trust received its first income from the turbine in May 2008 and used this, together with income from CERTS and a Climate Challenge Fund grant, to evaluate the energy use of, and provide free insulation to, all households in the area that could benefit. The project report for this initiative is available here. Following on from this, the Trust has completed two further projects (Fintry sports club energy saving measures and new heating for the Menzies Hall). Several additional projects are underway, including:

  • Phase II of the insulation project;
  • Insulating the park homes;
  • FRESCo;
  • Fintry Community Wood Fuel;
  • Fintry Energy Efficient Transport.

(Further information is due to be uploaded to the Fintry Development Trust website about each of these projects soon).