Green Estate

By SDRN on 13th April 2012

LOCATION: South Sheffield

AIM: To address the universal poor quality of the public open space in the area; to use the Manor and Castle Single Regeneration Budget programme to address issues of social exclusion and build social capital; and, to ensure a lasting legacy after grant funding.

BACKGROUND: The Green Estate initiative began in 1998, as the Environment and Heritage programme, when the inner city areas of Manor and Castle in South Sheffield were suffering some of the worst effects of social, economic and environmental poverty. Despite this, the area had an interesting history, significant areas of greenspace, and many people with the energy and will to make a difference. The idea of the ‘Green Estate’ was born out of a belief that if the relationship between the land and people were made to work again, life could be brought back to the local waste lands, and its green environment could become a valued and productive asset.  From the start, the initiative was a partnership between the Manor and Castle Development Trust (MCDT), Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Sheffield City Council and several smaller organisations.

STATUS: Ongoing.


  • At the outset, a strategy was developed, comprising of interrelated initiatives that could create sustainable local change, including: regeneration plans for all local green spaces; piloting of coordinated approaches to greenspace management able to tackle local issues about leadership, standards, monitoring, and communication; exploring important issues around sustainability and functional greenspace; and establishing pilot projects to use urban greenspace for energy, waste, local food, art, training, health and employment.
  • Following the realisation that the greenspace land would not be transferred to the Development Trusts, the ‘Green Estate’ initiative developed a range of core commercial activities (such as green roof services, green waste composting, demolished sites, and ground maintenance) in order to support a reasonably-sized ‘green’ organisation capable of addressing the pertinent environmental and related social issues in the area.