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Olympic Park

By SDRN on 30th April 2013

Location: The Olympic Park for the London 2012 Games, which hosts many of the indoor venues and the Olympic Stadium itself.

Peterborough Environment City Trust

By SDRN on 14th June 2012

LOCATION: Peterborough.

AIM: To lead and support the city of Peterborough in establishing itself as “the UK’s Environment Capital”; to act as an examplar of how to deliver truly sustainable growth in order to improve the overall quality of life of its people, communities and environment.

Fitter for Walking

By SDRN on 10th May 2012

LOCATION: 12 communities within five regions of England; London, North East, North West, West Midlands, and Yorkshire.


By SDRN on 17th April 2012

LOCATION: Portobello, Scotland

AIM: To create a vibrant, sustainable Portobello, which can help combat climate change and reduce fossil fuel use through a process of re-localisation.

Low Carbon West Oxford

By SDRN on 29th March 2012

LOCATION: West Oxford

AIM: To reduce the carbon footprint of West Oxford through encouraging and enabling more sustainable lifestyles amongst residents.

Earn Your Travel Back

By SDRN on 23rd February 2012


AIM: To encourage young people to respect and value their concessionary travel and to learn about the benefits of environmental volunteering and positive community participation.