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Sustainable Clothes Swishing

By SDRN on 14th February 2013


AIM: The concept of ‘swishing parties’ is to reduce waste through swapping unwanted clothes for those unwanted by other women, rather than throwing them out.

Straw Wars

By SDRN on 14th February 2013

LOCATION: Soho, London.

AIM: To inspire a movement that will encourage bars and restaurants to eradicate plastic drinking straws.

Brixton Remade

By SDRN on 3rd May 2012

LOCATION: Brixton, London.

AIM: To promote local waste reduction, reuse and recycling; to develop skills of remaking and repair important for the creation of local green enterprises and sustainable employment.


By SDRN on 5th April 2012


AIM: To maximise the re-use of redundant office furniture, both to protect the environment and to make quality office items available at affordable prices to charities, the community sector and small businesses.

Low Carbon West Oxford

By SDRN on 29th March 2012

LOCATION: West Oxford

AIM: To reduce the carbon footprint of West Oxford through encouraging and enabling more sustainable lifestyles amongst residents.