New approaches to monitoring participation in outdoor recreation

By Robert Lyons on 19th March 2018
Date and Time: 
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 10:00 to 16:30


This one-day seminar, organised by the Outdoor Recreation Network, will look at the changing nature of monitoring participation in outdoor recreation. It is aimed at researchers, analysts, academics and policy makers from across the Outdoor Recreation Sector.

The seminar will cover three main themes

  • Changes to national policy and strategy – and how that influences ‘what’ we want to monitor (for example measuring levels of physical activity or economic expenditure).

  • Changes to technology – including increased use of web-surveys, social media, GPS, digital photography, and how this influences ‘how’ we monitor, exploring implications for bias and representation of different population groups.

  • Evidence requirements – how we balance the need to understand change over time and being responsive to emerging policy and technological developments.

The morning session will focus on the changing policy landscape and what this means for national population-level monitoring. There will be presentations on all of the national population-level outdoor recreation surveys from England, Scotland and Wales.

The afternoon session will showcase novel or interesting case studies of site-based monitoring (local, regional, linear) and provide opportunities for discussion.


This is an external event advertised through SDRN