SDRN Mailing, 13 December 2017

By Robert Lyons on 13th December 2017
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Network news
Research and resources

Network news

As this is the final SDRN Mailing of 2017, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Research and Resources
1. London air pollution cancels positive health effects of exercise in over 60s
A new study in The Lancet suggests that while walking in parks improves health measures, walking on a busy city street does not, in turn suggesting that high levels of air pollution counteract the benefits of exercise. More...

2. Net-Zero North: Delivering the decarbonisation mission in the north of England
This new report from IPPR notes that the British economy is at a critical juncture. Its future success depends on overcoming two major, interrelated problems – long-term structural weaknesses in investment, productivity and trade, and the need to decarbonise. The report examines how the north of England can meet these challenges. More...

3. Learning from the British What Works Centres: What Lessons for Evidence-Based Policy in France?
This French report, translated by the Alliance for Useful Evidence, summarises the evidence production, synthesis and dissemination activities of the British What Works Centres. The report makes recommendations for French policy makers, based on the French context, but overall this is a very useful international resource for policymakers and institutions interested in setting up an evidence intermediary. More...

4. Three Brexit governance gaps no one is talking about
This article for Green Alliance by the co-chairs of the ESRC funded Brexit & Environment network notes that while there has been much focus on implementation of a Brexit agreement, three areas are cause for concern after the UK leaves the EU: new policy-making, long-term direction and evaluation. More...

5. Plastic bag fee encourages support for other charges
Support for the plastic bag charge has 'spilled over' into increased support for other charges to reduce waste, say researchers at Cardiff University, including rising supports for an additional 5p charge on plastic water bottles and products with excess packaging. More...

6. Taking stock: progress in natural capital accounting
This In-Depth Report for the EU's Science for Environmental Policy service presents an overview of ideas, debates and progress so far in natural capital accounting, in particular in accounting for ecosystems and their services. More...

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