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By Robert Lyons on 30th August 2017
Research and resources


1. Draft London Environment Strategy
On 11 August Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, published his draft London Environment Strategy. The Mayor is taking a range of  actions to improve the environment now, setting London on the path to create a better future. A public consultation on these plans is now open until 17 November. More…

2. Partner to assist in the evaluation of the Public Health Wales framework for embedding sustainable development
As a public body in Wales, Public Health Wales (PHW) is developing a novel, evidence-based approach to embedding the SD principles into practice across the organisation, drawing on Quality Improvement (QI) methods in combination with organisational change and organisational development techniques.  With the above considerations in mind, PHW would like to commission an academic partner to undertake reviews and evaluation. More…

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1. Sustainability: can society save itself?
University of East Anglia, 21 September 2017
It’s the question of our generation: is society on the verge of collapse, or might it still save itself from the twin ecological and economic crises of our era? Panel debate where renowned thinkers and practitioners in sustainability, innovation, and public engagement from across different sectors will outline their views on the opportunities, risks and challenges of delivering sustainability as a panacea to a failing society. More…

2. Policy and the Anthropocene: The politics of a non-linear world
Westminster, 7 September 2017
This event will seek to understand how politicians and decision makers across policy areas can understand and respond to the Anthropocene and ask what a politics of this non-linear world may look like. Speakers will include Dr Doaa Abdel-Motaal, Executive Director of the Rockefeller Foundation Economic Council on Planetary Health at the Oxford Martin School, and Roger Harrabin BBC environment analyst. More…

3. The Magic Money Tree: how our financial systems could support, not undermine, a sustainable future
London, 29 November 2017
Dr Bevis Watts, Managing Director of Triodos Bank UK, will put forward the thesis that the UK's current financial systems holds the potential, through adaptation, to be a catalyst for a sustainable future. Bevis will also reflect on his unusual and inspirational career trajectory: how did an environmental professional come to lead a financial institution? More…

4. Making Nature Count: Natural capital in policy and practice
Southampton, 22 August 2017
his one day conference will present the latest thinking on how natural capital accounting is seen, in some quarters at least, as the way forward for effective biodiversity conservation policy and delivery. Speakers will include government advisers, economists, NGOs, local authority representatives and businesses who will each examine the natural capital approach from their perspective and describe its potential to help address the environmental challenges we face. More…

5. Scottish Shared Transport Conference
Stirling, 21 September 2017
In partnership with the Royal Town Planning Institute, the Carplus Bikeplus Scottish Shared Transport Conference will bring together expert speakers to explore Scotland's shared transport landscape, and discuss the innovative approaches being considered to encourage a future with improved shared mobility at its core. More…

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Research and Resources
1.Turning homes into power stations could cut household fuel bills by more than 60 percent
Energy bills could be cut by more than 60 percent - saving the average household over £600 a year - if homes were designed to generate, store and release their own solar energy, a report has revealed. The concept has already been proven and is operating successfully on a building in the UK. More...

2. Climate Change Assessment Tool (CCAT)
The Climate Change Assessment Tool (CCAT) has been specially devised to assist public sector organisations comply with the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, both in terms of meeting carbon emissions reductions targets and reporting to the Scottish Government. More…

3. Common Concerns About Wind Power - 2nd edition
In 2011, the Centre for Sustainable Energy published a popular booklet called Common Concerns About Wind Power in response to requests from community energy groups looking for factual information about wind power. Since then, much has changed in the legal, economic and political sphere. However, the demand for accurate, balanced and factual information to counter the many myths and misconceptions about wind is as strong as ever. This second edition as a series of downloadable chapters, to facilitate easy sharing and distribution. More…

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