SDRN Mailing, 2 August 2017

By Robert Lyons on 2nd August 2017
Research and resources


1. End Use Energy Demand: Initial Consultation Survey
The EPSRC has recently funded Professor Nick Eyre of the University of Oxford as the Energy Demand Research Champion for the Research Councils’ Energy Programme. The aim of the Champion grant is to develop a proposal for a new UK End Use Energy Demand (EUED) Centre, starting in April 2018, building on the work of the existing six EUED Centres that end in 2018. This survey is the first stage in the development of that proposal. It is your opportunity to influence the vision and structure of the new Centre. The survey data will be analysed in early August and feed into the planning of the Centre. More… 

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1. CECAN Seminar: Understanding Health Policy in the Third Era Through a Complex Systems Lens
London, 12 September 2017
Health policy is complex, arguably becoming more so. What have been termed ‘wicked issues’ are a central feature of health policy where there are often no simple or single solutions, if any at all. This talk by Professor David Hunter of Durham University will be illustrated with examples from the Centre of Public Policy and Health’s research programme. More…

2. Why the world needs anthropologists: powering the planet
Durham, 28-29 October 2017
The fifth edition of the annual symposium, Why the World Needs Anthropologists, explores how energy professionals and anthropologists can cooperate to design and deploy energy innovations that alter the world for the better. More…

3. Natural Capital Investment
London, 1 March 2018
The Natural Capital Investment Conference 2018, organised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, will be a unique opportunity to turn our understanding of the value of the UK's natural environment into investable projects that deliver returns for investors and benefit society. More…

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Research and Resources
1. Upgrading our energy system: smart systems and flexibility plan
This new BEIS report outlines 29 actions the government, Ofgem and industry will take to remove barriers to smart technologies (such as storage and demand-side response),
enable smart homes and businesses and improve access to energy markets for new technologies and business models. More…

2. CECAN Policy and Practice Note Series
The Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus has launched this series, with the latest papers on: Dynamic Pattern Synthesis; Revaluation: A Participative Approach to Measuring and Making Change; and Maximising Impact from Evaluations in Complex Policy Areas. More...

3. Re-energizing energy supply: Electrolytically-produced hydrogen as a flexible energy storage medium and fuel for road transport
This paper outlines one of the most promising of the pathways to a future, renewable-based German energy system with adequate flexibility, which is predicated on the use of electrolytically-produced hydrogen as an energy storage medium, as well as the replacement of hydrocarbon-based fuel for most road vehicles. More….

4. Resilience potential of the Ethiopian coffee sector under climate change
This modelling study, published in Nature Plants, suggests that while climate change could have a serious adverse effect on current coffee-growing areas, a shift of production to uphill areas could increase production fourfold. More....

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