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By Robert Lyons on 20th September 2017
Research and resources


1. Call for Abstracts – SHAPE ENERGY Think Piece Collection
The SHAPE ENERGY Platform is funding around eight interdisciplinary and cross-European written contributions - of around 3,000-4,000 words each - that explore, critique and showcase the ways that different disciplinary approaches can (and should be) integrated for the betterment of future EU energy policy. More…

2. Call for Abstracts – SHAPE ENERGY Research Design Challenge
European SSH researchers are invited in this challenge, which contains three sub-challenges framed as social science research problems on energy relating to control, change and capacity-building in energy systems. The Research Design Challenge is an attempt to deepen our understanding of interdisciplinarity by analysing how different social sciences and humanities disciplines research the same scientific problem. More…

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1. Development & Climate Days 2017
Bonn, 11 & 12 November 2017
Development and Climate Days (D&C Days) is an annual event for people attending the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The gathering brings together practitioners, negotiators, scientists and policymakers to explore key issues, share best practice, disseminate news, literature and reports, and promote links between development and climate. Attendance is free and open to everyone attending COP23 in Bonn. More...

2. 6th Annual Oxford Energy Day: Energy in growing economies
Oxford, 2 October 2017
Energy use in non-OECD countries is expected to increase by some 50 per cent from 2015 to 2035. How this increase is achieved, and whether it can be sustainably accelerated, is not only of interest for OECD countries, but also for the rest of the world, both because of climate change and the possibility of developing new forms of energy infrastructure. More…

3. Sustainable Models: From Sharing to Circular Economy
London, 9 October 2017
This talk will examine how architecture can explore new economic models as well as shape alternative economic frameworks that will help deliver better, more efficient and innovative design projects. More…

4. H2020 Societal Challenge 2: Food security, sustainable agriculture, blue growth and the bioeconomy
London, 31 October 2017
Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network are hosting this event which is aimed at supporting collaboration across the UK and Europe. It will promote funding opportunities available for food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy through Horizon 2020, the EU's largest research and innovation funding programme, with over €1 billion earmarked for calls in 2018-2020. More…

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Research and Resources
1. Comparing the sustainability of local and global food products in Europe
This paper in the Journal of Cleaner Production examines claims that buying 'local food' provides ecological, health and socio-economic benefits. A selection of 14 local and global food products in four sectors within four European countries. The paper finds that 'global foods' presented substantial advantages in terms of climate change mitigation and affordability to consumers. More…

2. INHERIT baseline report
In this report, the INHERIT team explores the opportunities for change across Europe which can facilitate progress towards triple-win scenarios. The report investigates the links between behaviour, environmental sustainability, health and health equity for three inter-related sectors: living (green space, housing), moving (active transport) and consuming (food). More…

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