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By Robert Lyons on 21st February 2018
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Research and resources



1. Craft micro-enterprises: sources of sustainable ‘good work’ or the precarious gig economy?
Middlesex University, 28 February 2018
This seminar presented by Dr Alice Owen uses case studies of different forms of craft-microenterprises to suggest how and, perhaps, why micro-enterprises create more or less sustainable outcomes in terms of economic activity, community development, health and wellbeing and environmental impacts. More…

2. Climate change impacts on the historic environment
Stirling, 6 March 2018
This one day seminar will bring together heritage organisations from across the UK to showcase work being undertaken to identify and quantify risks from climate change, and to share best practice.  This event will have particular relevance for practitioners or organisations who are looking to better understand the risk climate change poses to their own estate or property, or to the wider historic environment. More…

3. 'Moving North' - Reducing transport emissions in the Northern Powerhouse
Manchester, 12 April 2018
The event, opening with a keynote address by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, will focus on the challenge of cutting carbon emissions and air pollution and seizing the business opportunities for automotive and fuel supply companies in the Northern Powerhouse that are being stimulated by the low carbon shift. More…

4. Simulating national infrastructure to inform decision making: from households to the globe
London, 18 April 2018
The Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) is holding a mid-programme event to demonstrate its latest research. There will be examples of the models, tools, methods and datasets that are helping decision-makers to plan and implement resilient infrastructure systems, in the UK and internationally.  There will be high-level briefings and hands-on demonstrations. More...

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Research and Resources
1. Energy Poverty Research
The Energy Poverty Research initiative was founded in 2017 as a step towards establishing a Scottish cross-sector centre for excellence in energy poverty research. All the EPR team work voluntarily with in-kind support from our host organisations. Please feel free to get in touch if you're interested in getting involved. More…

2. Solid Wall Insulation: Best Practice and Innovation
This report for BEIS by Cambridge Architectural Research's and UCL compares the features of eight materials for solid wall insulation that are currently available on the market, and considers new methods for insulating walls that could increase take-up of wall insulation in future. More…

3. A transformation to sustainable heating in the uk: risks and opportunities
This working paper considers the risks and opportunities posed to UK heat sector businesses by a potential transformation towards a low-carbon heat system in the UK. It is an output from the Heat, Incumbency and Transformations (HIT) project which is part of the UK Energy Research Centre programme. More…

4. Europe's cities face more extreme weather than previously thought
Published in Environmental Research Letters, a new study shows: a worsening of heatwaves for all 571 cities; increasing drought conditions, particularly in southern Europe; an increase in river flooding, especially in north-western European cities, for the worst projections; increases in all hazards for most European cities. More…

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