SDRN Mailing, 7 February 2018

By Robert Lyons on 12th February 2018
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Research and resources


1. Call for papers: BIEE 2018 Oxford Research Conference
The 2018 conference will focus on the emerging role of the consumer in the energy system, regarded by many in the industry as one of the big transitional issues of the coming decade, and we welcome submissions aligned to this theme. Submissions are invited for paper presentations which can be academic papers, practical case studies or comment on current energy policy, economics or finance issues; ‘Dialogue’ sessions - a new, interactive format which allows for broader discussion of energy economics and policy issues; and ‘Student Pitches’ for PhD and MSc students. The deadline is 1 March 2018. More…

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1. RTPI South West Seminar: Can you swim? Planning and Climate Change
8 February 2018, Bristol
In 2007 government published the first dedicated planning policy on climate change. Ten years on the enormity of the challenges are no less and the consequences of inaction have become more apparent, but has planning’s attention turned elsewhere? This conference will take a fresh look at what climate change now means for the built environment and what planning can realistically do to deliver low carbon living in a changing climate. More...

2. Envecon 2018
8 March 2018, London
The UK Network of Environmental Economists (UKNEE) is pleased to announce that registration is now open for envecon 2018: Applied Environmental Economics Conference. The keynote speech will be given by John Curnow, Chief Economist for Defra, and there will be the chance to find out about the latest research & practical experience in Natural Capital Accounting,  Economic Valuation, Measuring & Influencing Preferences, Energy, Environmental policy post-Brexit,  Marine Environment, Managing Resources for Multiple Gains and Land Use and Economic Appraisal. More…

3. Edinburgh Sustainable Innovation Conference: Achieving a carbon-free Scotland
23 March 2018, Edinburgh
A solution-oriented day exploring how to achieve a carbon-free Scotland. Speakers include leading figures from the transport and energy sectors like Paul Jordan (Energy Systems Catapult), Gavin Templeton (Green Investment Bank), Jeremy Oppenheim (SystemIQ) and Claire Mack (Scottish Renewables). More…

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Research and Resources
1. The World We'll Leave Behind: Grasping the Sustainability Challenge
This new book by Bill Scott (University of Bath) and Paul Vare (University of Gloucestershire) comprises 55 brief chapters that identify the main sustainability issues and challenges we now face, explain the ideas that underpin them and their inter-connection, and discuss a range of strategies through which they might be addressed and possibly resolved. More…

2. The feed behind our food
The Protein Challenge 2040 new report sets out why retailers and food service businesses should act on sustainability in animal feed, focusing on food security, changing public attitudes and the potential business opportunities. More....