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By Robert Lyons on 13th June 2017
Research and resources


1. The Politics of Sustainable Prosperity
11 July 2017, Keele University
In times of climate change, overconsumption, and ecological collapse, we must re-think the meaning of prosperity: what is needed are new visions of environmentally sustainable, yet still flourishing societies. This research workshop considers the political foundations of such societies, bringing together papers on both the barriers and new possibilities of sustainability politics in the current conjecture. More…

2. International Water Association Efficient 2017
18-20 July 2017, University of Bath
Waterwise and partners are hosting the ninth International Water Association Conference in Bath, UK. Topics include drought and resiliency planning, climate change, and the energy and water nexus. More…

3. The Lancet Planetary Health Launch
20 June 2017, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
This UK launch will celebrate the first three issues of a new Lancet journal aiming to inform and challenge our understanding of the links between the environment and human health. The Lancet Planetary Health builds on the foundation of the 2015 Rockefeller Foundation–Lancet Commission on planetary health. The journal is a monthly online, open access journal publishing original research, commentaries, and correspondence. More…

4. The use of dependency modelling to support evaluation in complex environments
11 July 2017, London
In this lunchtime seminar, Dr Helen Wilkinson (Risk Solutions) and Harry Walton (Environment Agency) will offer a case study in the use of dependency modelling: understanding and quantifying the value of flood risk management activities. They will describe the construction of the model and its use to support evaluation. They will describe the strengths and weaknesses of the approach, and facilitate discussion of how the approach could deliver value in other applications. More...

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Research and Resources
1. Different Rules for Different Fuels: Exploring Consumer Protection in the District Heating Market
This new report for Citizens Advice Scotland points to the monopoly nature of district heating schemes, depriving consumers of many of the protections usually available in gas and electricity markets. With district heating set to expand in Scotland, the report explores what consumer protections might be needed in future and the options available to secure them. More...

2. Decentralised supply of recycled water may save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Reusing waste water for non-drinking uses in decentralised plumbing networks may improve the efficiency of water supply in urban areas, a new study has found. Modelling this approach in San Francisco, researchers found that, depending on the local geography, a decentralised water supply could lead to energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from water treatment of around 30%. More…

3. Healthy and Sustainable Diets for European Countries
This report by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) presents both evidence and recommendations for European policy development on sustainable healthy diets. Starting with an overview of the health and environmental consequences of dietary habits, the report moves on to present an analysis of individual and societal costs and benefits of implementing sustainable healthy diets, and a list of the European actors and institutions working on this issue. More…

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