SDRN Mailing, 7 March 2018

By Robert Lyons on 7th March 2018
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Research and resources


1. Call for papers - special journal issue on sustainability assessment in higher education
Papers are welcomed for a special issue of Sustainability, with the title 'A Holistic View of Sustainability Assessment in Higher Education: From Campus Operations to Curricula, Research and Outreach'. The deadline for submissions is 14 May 2018. More…

2. Call for research proposals - RICS Research Trust
The RICS Research Trust is an established grant award entity supporting research in the disciplines of land, real estate and construction right across the world. The deadline for the next group of awards is the end of March and two of the defined calls, 'Resilience and the global development goals' and 'Natural capital and land management transactions' may be of interest to sustainability researchers. More…

3. Call for abstracts: Economic Theory for the Anthropocene: towards heterodox understandings of sustainable economies
The Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, and the Institute of Advanced
Studies at the University of Surrey are pleased to announce a call for contributions to a free, one and a half day workshop - on 3 & 4 July 2018 - where researchers can share and discuss early stage work focusing on heterodox theories of sustainable economies. More…

4. Call for abstracts: Behave 2018 - 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency
The conference takes place on 5-7 September 2018 and aims to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss problems and measures in the field of behaviours related to end-use energy efficiency and sufficiency and the adaption of low-carbon technologies. The deadline for abstracts is 14 March 2018. More…

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Research and Resources
1. City branding practices in China’s three mega-city regions
Partners of the University of Westminster’s International Eco-Cities Initiative have published an article analysing branding practices across Chinese cities. Depending on their scale and key industries, cities can adopt varying developmental pathways to respond to the challenge of ecological modernisation – achieving higher economic value at a lower environmental cost. The article examines the way these development pathways relate to the brands developed by the city authorities. The paper can be accessed for free before 19 March here.

2. Climate change & food systems: Assessing impacts and opportunities
This report by the Meridian Institute brings together existing information about climate change impacts and opportunities for climate adaptation and mitigation into a food systems framework. The report uses a systems thinking approach to identify areas where intervention in the food system could lead to transformation, and discusses incremental methods of mitigating climate change. More...

3. ‘Cooling-off effect’ causes public perception of novel environmental technology to improve over time
Researchers have published a paper providing evidence that a ‘cooling-off effect’ can lead to increased public acceptance of new environmental technologies over time. The scientists analysed survey results from over 1,000 respondents in Germany, using solar radiation management (SRM), a controversial climate-engineering technique, as a test case. They found that, following a cooling-off period of either one month, 12 months, or 18 months, acceptance of SRM increased significantly — and that the longer the cooling-off period, the larger the increase. More...