Can Beach Cleans Do More Than Clean-Up Litter? Comparing Beach Cleans to Other Coastal Activities

By Editor on 13th July 2016

This study by researchers at Plymouth University and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, looked beyond the immediate benefit of beach cleaning on the local environment and examined the well-being, educational value and behavioural intentions of participants, compared with other coastal activities such as rock pooling or walking.  It found that the environment was perceived as less restorative when engaging in a beach clean but that the activity was more meaningful than the others. 

At least in the short term, beach cleans were shown to benefit individual well-being and strengthen individuals’ environmental citizenship by increasing pro-environmental behavioural intention.  The authors suggest that the research provides further evidence for the complex interplay between environment and person and that the effects of different activities in their natural environment (and their links to well-being and awareness) merit further research.