cycle BOOM: Design for Lifelong Health and Wellbeing

By Editor on 26th October 2016

The aim of the three-year cycle BOOM project, funded by the EPSRC under the UK Research Council’s Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Programme, was to develop a better understanding of how the design of the built environment and technology shapes engagement with, and experience of cycling as people get older and how this affects their independent mobility, health and wellbeing.

This final report provides a summary of the key findings of the study, including selected examples of evidence and recommendations for promoting cycling as part of an age friendly cities agenda. Results from an eight-week ‘cycling and wellbeing’ trial showed that cycling has the potential to improve physical and mental health in the older population.  However, participants reported a number of factors which had a negative effect on their cycling experience, including poor and unsupportive infrastructure and fear of injury from other traffic.