Happy Planet Index 2016

By Editor on 27th July 2016

For the fourth time, the New Economics Foundation has ranked countries all over the world based on how efficiently their residents are able to live long, happy lives using environmental resources.  The overall results challenge the conventional wisdom that the wealthiest economies are the most successful, highlighting success stories in Latin America and Asia Pacific – where residents are enjoying relatively high and equally distributed life expectancy and wellbeing, whilst leaving a smaller ecological footprint than other more advanced economies. 

Costa Rica has topped the rankings for the third time. The tiny tropical nation is far ahead of the UK and beats many Western economies on sustainable wellbeing.  Although no country has managed to achieve high wellbeing and long lives with a sustainable Ecological Footprint, the Happy Planet Index results offer valuable insights to help us better understand how to achieve that. 

To explore the data or find out more about some of the top-ranking countries, see http://happyplanetindex.org/