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SDRN are currently working with Bath University’s Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS) to produce a Rapid Research Review on Sustainable Business and Procurement. This review aims to provide improved understanding of successful businesses and their approaches to procurement, and to consider their relevance to the debate on sustainable public procurement.

The review will explore three key questions:

New SDRN focus: research into practice

By SDRN on 14th May 2007

Research into practice is a new workstream for SDRN. It comprises joint programmes of work led by four expert organisations in areas central to the delivery of sustainable development – transport, business resource efficiency, spatial planning and development and engineering. The workstream is intended to give SDRN a broader regional reach and promote greater interaction with businesses than it has had in the past.

Environment and social justice review

By SDRN on 4th April 2007

A number of scoping studies, reviews and other research projects have recently been undertaken that deal with aspects of environmental equity and justice in the UK. The Network was keen to pull this information together in an accessible and policy relevant form, and providing a gap analysis.

Environment and social justice briefing

By SDRN on 4th April 2007

Download the 'Environment and Social Justice' briefing