Community currencies


By SDRN on 15th August 2012
Found in: Case Studies
Spice is a social enterprise focused on the use of time-credits as a means for facilitating the inclusive delivery of mainstream public and community services. Initially established as the Institute for Community Currencies at the University of Wales, primarily working in the Welsh Valleys, the initiative has since expanded, along with their sister organisation, ‘Timebanking Wales’. The decline in the mining industry across South Wales resulted in the exclusion of many individuals and communities from the market economy, leading to widespread disengagement, weakened social capital and growing social problems. The Spice initiative aims to rebuild the relationship between such communities and agencies. Agencies encourage community members to actively deliver community services, run community cafes, transfer learning, run support groups, after-school clubs, bingo nights and comedy events etc; every hour ‘donated’ by an individual to such activities is an hour which can be used to access other community events, trips and services of personal salience.