Responsible business

Straw Wars

By SDRN on 14th February 2013
Found in: Case Studies

LOCATION: Soho, London.

AIM: To inspire a movement that will encourage bars and restaurants to eradicate plastic drinking straws.

Green Streets

By SDRN on 18th June 2012
Found in: Case Studies

LOCATION: 14 communities across the UK.

AIM: To use a competition-based challenge to encourage participating communities to save and generate energy and to engage the wider community in energy citizenship.


By SDRN on 5th April 2012
Found in: Case Studies


AIM: To maximise the re-use of redundant office furniture, both to protect the environment and to make quality office items available at affordable prices to charities, the community sector and small businesses.

Global Boarders ‘Surf to Success’

By SDRN on 15th March 2012
Found in: Case Studies

LOCATION: Cornwall

AIM: To change the lives of chronically disadvantaged youngsters through the use of a 12-week structured surfing intervention programme.

London 2012 Changing Places

By SDRN on 1st March 2012
Found in: Case Studies

LOCATION: East London.

AIM: Drawing inspiration from the Olympic Park’s regeneration, the Changing Places Programme was established to: (a) inspire surrounding communities to improve public spaces, such as parks, open spaces and watersides; (b) enable people to learn new interests and skills; and (c) to enable long-lasting improvements in the quality of the local environment beyond the period of the Olympic Games.

My Urban Green

By SDRN on 29th February 2012
Found in: Case Studies


AIM: To (re)connect urban communities with their environment through active involvement in shaping the future development, maintenance and management of local ‘Greener Living Spaces’, created by Marks and Spencer and Groundwork over the last three years.

Hill Holt Wood

By SDRN on 29th February 2012
Found in: Case Studies

LOCATION: 34-acre deciduous woodland situated on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire border.

AIM: To manage an environmentally sustainable community woodland, run a locally-valued and economically-viable social enterprise, share experiences and learning, and to be a responsible employer.

United Futures

By SDRN on 14th December 2011
Found in: Case Studies

LOCATION: North-west England.

AIM: To improve areas of neglected public space and help to make neighbourhoods cleaner, greener and more confident.

Eostre Organics

By SDRN on 11th November 2011
Found in: Case Studies

LOCATION: East Anglia

AIM: To build a fair, ecological and cooperative food system, providing a source of sustainable livelihoods and business viability for small local organic producers in response to a decline in rural farm employment and competition from international markets.